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The Shell Maker

Written by Nik
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It was a story once relayed to me by an old friend.......

....In the 1950s he started a job as a night security guard at the BSA in Birmingham, on his second night doing his rounds he came across an old gentleman working in low light on a lathe, smoking his pipe working away. My friend went up to him and started a conversation, the old chap just ignored him and carried on working! My friend thought 'great company round here' and carried on with his rounds. When he got back to his hut the other security guard asked him how he had got on and he said fine, apart from the old chap! The old chap? came the reply, yes strange bloke working in low light this time of night, didnt even speak to me (describe him )so a discription was given. 'Old Tom that is' , he was killed during the blitz working in low light making shell casings, he won't harm you he just makes an appearance now and again! My mate resigned there and then!!

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