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The Wiltshire Body Pit

Written by JAMMY
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In the late 1800s everyone was talking about King Arthur's lost treasures and people would dig huge holes in fields hoping to find instant fame and wealth. One man in the late 1860s found something he wished he hadn't. Days earlier he found a few Roman coins, nothing to get exited about, however this just fueled his greed to find the treasure; he wondered what else he could dig up in a disused gulley near Marnhull in Wiltshire...

One day armed with a shovel he started to dig. He was only down about 5 feet down when the ground gave way beneath him and he crashed down into a huge pit. He lay there rubbing bits of dirt from his face, as his eyes grew accustomed to the light he realized what was surrounding him, he screamed in panic, he was buried in a mass of bones, everywhere he looked was a dead body, each piled on top of another. As he tried to climb back to the surface he felt as if hands were pulling at his clothes, trying to drag him back into the stench and the morbid, cold darkness. He eventually got back to the surface, exhausted and still screaming he arrived back to the village. They say that what he fell into was one of thousands of 'body pits' or mass graves similar to the ones we see flashed up on our TV screens today, however these 'pits' in Wiltshire where made to take the bodies of the people who died in the Great Plague of London.

Many ghosts have been spotted in the area, even a procession of skeletons carrying dead bodies to the new underground home. People claimed to have heard voices coming from beneath the ground, as though they can here people crying and screaming.


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