Friday, 23 September 2005 01:00

Tyne Theatre, Newcastle

Written by JAMMY
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Many years ago during a performance of a play an old-fashioned gadget was used to create thunder. It was a metal track that went around the top of the set over the heads of the upper gallery and back behind the stage again, a sort of early surround sound if you like...

It was easy enough to do; you placed a heavy bowling ball on the 'track' and let it go at the right time, as it trundled along it sounded like rolling thunder. One night, as the heavy ball began its thundering journey, the track had become buckled and the ball hit it at some speed, jumped off the track and hit a man in the audience, smashing his skull wide open and killing him, enough to put you off your pop corn.

The track was taking down after the accident so that it didn't happen again, well it must cost a fortune to get someone's brains mopped up. An alabaster figure was put in the seat where the man was killed, as nobody would sit there for years. The ghost has been seen by loads of people, it hides props and moves things about in the dressing rooms. A local radio station Metro FM and its Night owls program held an investigation in the theatre over night. Two people were locked in, the telephone went berserk, lights flashed on and off and there radio began to suffer terrible interference. This got their old hearts pumping a bit, one of them tried to take a photo of her mate sitting next to the figure, the camera wouldn't work, it had been checked an hour before, when they got outside they tried the camera and it worked fine. If your ever in Newcastle why not check it out, but if it thunders run like hell.


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