Monday, 19 September 2005 01:00

Ghostly Cyclist

Written by Nik
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It was back in 1995 in November it was 9.30pm dark, raining on a country road near The Blackhorse pub in Romsley near to Halesowen West Midlands...

I noticed a man standing in the road but with his heels pressed to the grass verge i can describe him now very long 70s style hair aged about 40 with the old white cycling belt reflector /parker jacket with the hood down / flared trousers with metal cycling clips at the ankle 70s style shoes /he was just standing staring i tooted my horn slowed right down main beam he did not bat a eyelid just looked straight ahead . but the strange thing was the bottom half of him was solid but the top half was transparent I could see the rain dropping of the leaves where his head should have been solid, he did not even move when I passed close by. Where was the bike? I did not see one I had not been drinking I was on my way to work I do not do drugs I was on no medication this is just one of many, many experiences that I cannot explain.

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