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sjwackys Story

Written by sjwacky
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In the early 70's when i was around 3 years old, I had gone to bed as normal as i remember mum and dad had gone out and my Nana and Grandpa were looking after me and my baby brother. I never much liked the dark and as it was summer i always went to bed with my curtains slightly open. When Mum came in or Nana came up and i was asleep they would pull the curtains shut. This night i remember rousing as they were being shut. But the nice lady who shut them wasn't my Nana. (As i found out in the morning), The lady smiled at me and left the room. Though i was trying to pretend to be asleep. She still smiled.

The following morning we were all up as my baby brother always woke everyone up early. In the kitchen i sat with everyone else having breakfast, when my nana said to my mum. " sarahs getting a brave big girl she shut her own curtains last night before i got chance to" My mum then turned to me and said "well done you!!" I remember sitting there for a moment or so looking confused. "But i thought you shut them Nana?" she looked strangly at me "No Dear you did it before i came up to check on you" By this time i'm getting a little agittated. "Nana it was you i saw you do it, I was pretending to be asleep you know"
My Nana stared at me. Then jumped up from the table saying "nuf Said" and started to clear away. End of it i thought...........
Many years later when i was 11 years old my Nana and Grandpa were moving house and we were all shipped in to help. I went into the spare room and went to pick up and old trunk. My nana was behind me. I asked her what was in it and she said it was her mothers. She had come to live with them after her husband had died and that was all her little bits and bobs. I asked her if she was keeping it still and she thought for a moment then said she should go through it really first me and my mum might want something out of it. Thats if we could get it open. She said it was locked and had no idea where the key had gone over the years. I replied "ok!" and then i dropped it. I didn't mean to and i ain't to sure why i dropped it but i did and the lid came off. Me and my Nana sat on the floor picking all the bits up. Broaches her bible, her wedding doc' and some pictures. That was when it hit me. I picked up a picture and just stared at it. I hadn't given that night when i was 3 another thought till now. I turned to my Nana and said to her that that was the lady who shut my curtain. She has the same smile. My Nana just looked at me for what seemed like a good 5 minutes. Then she stood up, picked up the trunk and said " I know. You are just like her. I think this belongs to you now."
So it wasn't a bad experience and i still have the box.
And thats why i believe in ghost or spirits.
I have seen others to but i'll tell you them another time they ain't so nice.
Thanks for reading it.
sjwacky (sarah)
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