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My Story....

Written by Mjay
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To start with, I shall give a brief overview.

This is a truthful record of the events of 1988.

Back in 1988, I lived in a fairly large rambling old house, in a quiet Norfolk village...

I have an older brother & a younger sister.

My father owned a small printing company in a village a few
miles away. It was set in some converted barns. After school,
myself & my brother used to go & help out. This particular
evening, my brother was out the front in the car having a kip
(i.e. a fag). I was in a room doing some collating, dad was
hot foiling in another room.

It was a typical winter evening, bit chilly & blustery. It
was the temperature I noticed first, it got really hot then
cold. Not too unusual, but the only heater was with my dad. I
did take notice when the lights went bright, then dimmed,
then the power went off then on again. Again, being an old
building with crap electrics this could be easily explained
too. I just carried on. Dad was swearing as the power cut had
cleared the temperature settings on the hot foiler.

Then there was the oddest noise . not a scream, it was too
low for that. More like a speeded up moan. Then came the
crash as the main door flew open. It was my brother, he was
hysterical. My dad managed to calm him down, but all he would
say is .its coming. Idiot. Eventually he mumbled he had seen
a woman with no legs coming towards the car. I asked how did
she get her wheelchair across the cobbles, & he replied that
she was flying. Idiot. Dad decided we should head home
anyway. He brought the car round the back & we left. My
brother refused to go out the front..

Fast forward 24 hours . a Thursday night, 9pm. Crimewatch was

I was in the living room with mum, my brother was down the
corridor in the kitchen making a sandwich, sis was upstairs
in bed, dad was at work.

Just as the music on the telly finished, there was that
sodding noise again. I remember my heart sinking, I knew
straight away what it was. Sure enough, through the door flew
my brother, knife in hand, & threw himself at my mum. I
honestly thought he had gone mad, so I pulled him off &
cracked him one. Then gave him a crafty kick for good luck.
I stopped when I realised he had actually wet himself. .She
is here. was all he would say. Turns out the same legless
bint from the previous night was looking through the kitchen
window at him.

Now this scared me, once was enough, but having it follow us
7 miles was just not right.

There we were sat in a heap on the floor, I happened to look
towards the door which had ended up being about 6 inches
ajar. The big fern plant next to it was going mad, like a
hurricane was blowing it. But the door wasn.t blowing open.

Then the banging started, sometimes in the roof, other times
down by the kitchen sometimes right next to you. It was non
stop. We were all crapping ourselves. Mum said we had to get
dad home. Good plan, apart from the only phone was in the
kitchen. The thought of going through the door didn.t appeal.
I then remembered sis, upstairs, on her own. I got voted to
go get her, mainly as mum & brother were a mess, so off I
went, slowly opening the door. No wind, no grim reapers, just
the banging. I could see down the corridor into the kitchen,
looked quiet enough. I headed up the stairs crapping myself,
as I could hear my little sister happily chatting away to
someone/thing. She was sat up in bed happy as larry. I asked
her what the hell she was on about as I bolted down the
stairs with her over my shoulder. She was talking to a funny
man. Yes, I did just write man.

This was crazy, we got to the phone, rang dad, he came home,
& our lives changed forever.

I wont recall a day by day account of what happened, suffice
to say what follwed could best be described as a systematic
attack on all of us.

Have you ever had that sensation of being half asleep/half
awake? When you are conscious but cant move? Sleep induced
paralysis apparently. I got it a lot, but with the added
bonus of bruises on my wrists & ankles in the morning.

Being a typical tough teenager, I constructed a cross out of
chopsticks, & was well happy with myself as I stuck it under
my pillow. Next morning I was disappointed to find it broken
into bits.

The banging was the worst, it stopped being scary & became
bloody annoying. It was mainly due to the banging that the
investigators were brought in. They identified 3 different
entities before they ran for the hills.

One night my mother was in bed & heard dad pull up the drive
in his car, get out, come in the door, walk upstairs, put his
keys on the table & felt him climb into bed. She rolled over
& nothing - no dad, no keys, no nothing.

The old boy my sister was talking to turned out to be the old
village ratcatcher who died the year before. He used to dote
to my sister, & the general opinion was he was just
protecting my sister from the poltergeist. The woman turned
into the poltergeist, which is a typical woman thing to do I
guess, & we never did find out what the third wanted.

Over the following months, brother moved into a friends, mum
& dad split, we moved to a smaller house in the village.

They bloody followed us didn.t they. Although it wasn.t as
bad, they always let you know they were around.

This was all a lot of years ago now. I still have regular
nightmares about that year. Even though I now live hundreds
of miles away, I still get the odd unexplained thing happen.
Then it all comes flooding back.

That.s about as detailed as I would like to get, I may go
further into at some point, but for now that.s it.

P.S. I am a mature, sensible & id like to think intelligent bloke.
I have never taken any drugs, & I do not suffer with any
mental disorders.


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