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Young Me

Written by Justin
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I don't recall ever "seeing" or "hearing" a ghost (well I once heard footsteps coming from stairs - but didn't think about it untill i was in bed moments later, just thought it was my dad at first, but i was sure he was already in bed)

Anyway I told my mom a story that my science teacher told us, my mom went on telling me a similay story when she heard me talking in my room (when i was three) she asked me who I was talking to I apparently replied "the old woman next to my bed" (or something like that)

I personally don't recall on this and I'm not known for my mom to make something like this up.

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  • Comment Link Jouji Monday, 12 March 2012 18:34 posted by Jouji

    I have had many paranormal ecexripnees in my house. Some of the scariest follow:- Following the death of my cat I had been hearing noises at night. About 2 weeks after the death of my cat I heard a very clear meow' at the end of my bed (the other cats were downstairs in the garage). I got up and looked around, thinking that one of the cats had some how got out even though the door was locked, but nothing was there or anywhere. I checked the garage but all of the other cats were still in the garage and still to this day I hear gentle footsteps run up and down the stairs, not that of a loud human footstep but a gentle cat footstep.- One night I woke up to a loud bang in the room opposite to mine. I lead back down but I could still hear taping and I heard creaking of what I think was the door to that room. I got up and checked the room and at the back of the room were several coat hangers rattling. I am very sure that particular room is haunted, it has a very different feel to it than anywhere else in the house and just feels scary although nothing in the room actually looks scary.- A more recent one, I woke up to the sound of my Xbox 360 turning on by itself. I could see the controllers on the floor and neither of them were on. I looked at the Xbox for a few seconds and then, as I was about to get up and have a look, it turned back off. This could just be a fault in the wiring but I have the Xbox 360 Slim which is activated not by a button as such but by a pad sort of thing which when touched by somebody is activated.


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