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Teesdale UFO?

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Castles are often reputed to be home to a ghost or two, recently however witnesses at Barnard Castle, Teesdale have been seeing a different paranormal activity altogether. Eye witness reports of strange lights have included "three balls of light that became orange and then disappeared."

Barnard Castle

The sightings were reported on the 1st January 2009,Witnesses from other parts of County Durham have also reported seeing lights in the Barnard Castle area. One of the witnesses Jeff Edwards who witnessed the lights at between 6 and 6.30pm that evening, said "No noise was emitted and there is no question of discounting them as helicopters or aeroplanes." Another witness, Ian Foster reported seeing balls of light later the same evening above Ferryhill aproximately 19 miles from Barnard Castle.

Another witness Mark Smith was in Sacriston (about 25 miles NE of Barnard Casle) when he witnessed strange lights earlier that day at around 2pm and again a few hours later at 6pm

[Source:Teesdale Mercury]

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