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Shrewsbury UFO Sightings

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Saturday night in Abbey Foregate, Shropshire brought a reported UFO sighting. Kate Tugwell said, she saw "two large orange lights in the sky" "They had a hazy glow around them and were definitely not stars or helicopters or planes". It should be noted that the witnesses all seem to have been frequenting the 'C21' Nightclub at the time, which was about 11.30 on a Saturday night...

Here's the story as reported by The Shropshire Star

Revellers in Shrewsbury spotted unusual orange lights moving in the sky above the town over the weekend – adding further sightings to the county’s UFO phenomenon.

The lights were seen moving in the same direction at about 11.30pm on Saturday by a number of people in the town, including revellers at C21 in Abbey Foregate. It comes after UFO experts launched an inquiry.

The investigation in Shropshire follows a number of sightings in the area.

Kate Tugwell was out in the county town when she spotted the moving unidentified objects.

She said: “I was outside C21 at around 11.30pm on Saturday and saw two large orange lights in the sky moving along in the same direction. They had a hazy glow around them and were definitely not stars or helicopters or planes.

“I can’t explain what they were. I have since found out that a couple of my friends who I was not with at the time also saw these orange lights. I would love to know if there is an explanation for them and how many other people saw them, surely we can’t be the only ones.�

Phillip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, is conducting an investigation into the phenomenon after up to 30 Shropshire sightings of mysterious spheres of light were logged by UFO experts in the last two months – with eight recorded in one week.

Many people sighted the globes in the skies on March 10. But Mr Hoyle said he believed there was no meteorological explanation.

Doris Matthews, of Wigmore, near Ludlow, says she and her daughter Cheryl have been unable to lead a peaceful life since an encounter with a UFO on the eve of the Millennium. She said they had regularly seen unusual lights and had bizarre experiences.

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  • Comment Link Darren Sunday, 04 March 2012 22:55 posted by Darren

    Shropshire has its own UFO investigation group

  • Comment Link Spencer Friday, 23 September 2011 12:16 posted by Spencer

    Heard someone call Radio 5 last night reporting a UFO being tailed by a helicopter over Shawbury. Can anyone pass comment as it has not been mentioned in the media?

  • Comment Link kristie daniels Saturday, 16 July 2011 04:58 posted by kristie daniels

    I live in shawbury as my husband works at the RAF base, i was driving home from work in the early hours of the morning, and something caught my eye, i thought it may have been a shooting star, seconds later 7 orange lights in a triangular pattern sped through the sky, it was far too big to be any sort of plane, the following day i asked my husband if anything unusual was reported at the RAF base, and he explained how there was something spotted in the sky, however it moved too quickly to be caught on radar. he didnt seem to be at all freaked out by this as he said it isnt the first time its happend, funny how the general public dont find out about these unknown flying objects.... weird

  • Comment Link Katrina lake Friday, 01 January 2010 11:48 posted by Katrina lake

    new years my family saw one of these lights about 7pm...then when we was in our garden just after 12am looking at the fireworks that people had set off we noticed lots of these lights going past! note= we hadnt been drinking!
    we live in longeden colehame in shrewsbury,
    i phoned my mum who lives in monkmoor to tell her and she said that she could see one aswell
    i thought that they was some sort of new year lanterns that people was sending up! but they seemed to be going fairly fast on a windless night! all in the same direction!

  • Comment Link Andrew Hepburn Sunday, 08 November 2009 09:40 posted by Andrew Hepburn

    I saw the lights myself from my flat at the bottom of Monkmoor on Abeey forgate. Saw well over 30 orange lights traveling straight down Abbey Forgate and over the town centre at aprox 20 MPH. This would have been around 8 in the evening.

  • Comment Link Rich Tuesday, 27 October 2009 00:17 posted by Rich

    i saw these lights on the same night at about 8 ish as i drove through monkmoor in shrewsbury they didnt move like helicopters or planes and seemed to travel like hot air ballons but then shot off torwards shawbury fairly quickly. looked like a ball of fire very odd


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