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Walsalls Weapon Wielding Phantom

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A news report we must have missed from earlier this year courtesy of the West Midlands Ghost Club, it features fliyng flying rugby boots and a knife wielding phantom...


Here's the report from This Is Walsall Online

A ghost club is celebrating its 20th anniversary by appealing for spooky stories from Walsall – which is home to the most violent poltergeist encounter it has experienced.

The borough has more than its fair share of paranormal activity, according to John Conway of the Willenhall-based West Midlands Ghost Club.

"Walsall is absolutely bogged down with the stuff," he said.

Only last year the club began an investigation into poltergeist activity in a shop in Walsall town centre.

Mr Conway described himself as a sceptic but claimed the scene was one of the most 'virulent' poltergeist encounters he has ever come across.

He said: "I actually had a knife thrown at me. It was either thrown at me and the ghost was a bad shot, or it was meant to narrowly miss me."

He has also reported seeing rugby boots flying around and light bulbs smashing in the same shop.

The shop cannot be named owing to the owner's religious sensibilities, but Mr Conway warned the poltergeist is still active today.

However it isn't the only scene of paranormal activity in Walsall.

According to sightings made to the club, Walsall Town Hall, The Brewery Stores and The Vaults pub and the pub formerly known as the Green Dragon have also been cited as locations for ghostly sightings.

In the last 20 years, West Midlands Ghost Club has taken part in more than 100 investigations across the West Midlands including Warwick Castle, Alton Towers and Birmingham University.

The club does not use high-tech equipment and relies on techniques including video and audio recordings and temperature monitoring during their investigations.

Mr Conway added: "We don't believe in exorcism, we don't believe in psychic powers or talking to the dead.

"Our role is mostly an advisory capacity, in helping people deal with the situation they find themselves in."

To report paranormal activity or to join the club, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or call 07944478708.

[Source: This Is Walsall Online]

Thanks to Nick Duffy

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