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Ghost or Girl?

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Almost every large town or city in the country,must have it's tales of phantom hitchhikers and ghostly passengers that abruptly dissapear but they don't usually trigger a police search...

On the morning of Monday the 2nd February 2009, John Teece-Millington was driving home from work in Chester, when at about 12.30a.m. he stopped at the traffic lights, Mr Teece-Millington noticed a young girl slowly walking along the road.

"She was wearing a white blouse, short pleated skirt but no coat, socks or shoes, and was clutching a teddy bear" says Mr Teece-Millington, a report in The Chester Standard then quotes the witness "I rolled the window down and slowed up to her to make sure she was okay but she carried on walking without a care in the world." Mr Teece-Millington drives away and five minutes later spots a policeman and reports seeing the girl "I reported seeing the little girl as I thought it was strange for her to be out alone at that time and it was a freezing night."

The report sparked a search for the young girl but the search was later called off after the police and local taxi drivers failed to find her and no one came forward to report a missing child.

So is this tale any more likely to be a TRUE ghost than any of the other legends of ghosts on the road?

For me as good as it is to have some basic facts that can be proven, such as the police search, which has been confirmed by Police spokesman Shelley Williams, ultimately it gets us no closer to having any proof, no pictures or cctv footage and no other independent witnesses.

But there is another element to this story that I realised while researching this story, the witness, John Teece-Millington happens to be a member of Cheshire Paranormal, a paranormal investigation team and this isn't the first time he has reported seeing apparitions

Back in August 2008 he told The County Times of his experiences at Stanley Palace where he is the caretaker "I have seen an apparition on the stairway wearing white and gold.

"Also, a lady always appears who is very slender and she usually sings.

"You can smell her perfume as she walks past.

"We often hear children crying and visitors have said that rooms feel cold even on a hot day."
This isn't a criticism of Mr Teece-Millingtons claims, well not much, but it does again raise the question of - are some people more susceptible to ghosts than others?


[Sources: The Chester Standard; The County Times]

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