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The Barr Beacon Highwaymen

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An article from April, that we thought you may be interested in. The article from This Is Walsall features the sighting of three ghostly highwaymen complete with horses...

SPOOKY sightings of three highwaymen wielding muskets and senses of an 'evil presence' have posed the question; 'dare you go down to Barr Beacon hill?'

Two super-natural experiences at the beauty spot near Sutton have heightened fears the area may be riddled with wandering evil spirits.

"A family had just stopped at a set of traffic lights at the bottom of Barr Beacon hill, when - on a grassy area nearby – the mother suddenly saw three men seated on huge, chestnut horses," said West Midlands Ghost Club's John Conway.

The woman reported the men were all were all wearing cloaks, long boots, masks, hats and at least one of the men was carrying a long musket-style gun.

Mr Conway added: "She says that she was instantly mesmerised by the sight, said nothing to the other occupants of the car, but just watched.

"At this point, the man nearest the road turned his head and looked straight at her.

"Interestingly, she noted that the man's piercing eyes clearly seemed to indicate 'confusion' as he stared back at her."

The witness told the club she then 'came back to reality' - and when she told her husband about the highwaymen, they had disappeared, and she was met with derision.

The second spooky incident involved a woman and her partner, who were exploring the hill when they felt an overwhelming sense of evil.

Following the two sightings, the club is appealing for anybody else who may have experienced something similar at the hill over the years.

Contact West Midlands Ghost Club on 07944478708.

[Source: This Is Walsall Online]

Thanks to Nick Duffy


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  • Comment Link DJ Horton Monday, 30 November 2009 14:45 posted by DJ Horton

    I too have seen the lady on the hill.
    Earlier in the year I saw an article in the Walsall Advertiser about the riders on the hill and contacted West Midlands Ghost Club with information that I hoped would be of use with their enquiries. Nick Duffy updated me some time later on the story and we discussed other peoples experiences of the riders. During conversation I mentioned that I had seen an old lady on the same hill but the opposite side of the crossroads and wondered if he had heard of any similar sightings and he has given me this link to check out.
    I have given him some information that I think might prove helpful but if anyone would like to contact me separately please feel free.

  • Comment Link casarova Thursday, 01 October 2009 22:37 posted by casarova

    a few people now have told me they've spotted a ghost at the exact traffic lights. An old lady gardening or something along those lines. i used to finish my paper round as a kid right there too... freaky stuff lol

    anyone else see anything?

  • Comment Link Nick Duffy Thursday, 10 September 2009 14:25 posted by Nick Duffy

    Hi StrangeUK,

    Thanks for taking an interest in our articles!!

    Can I possibly suggest that anyone who finds the above piece interesting, please take a look at the some of the
    'horsemen' related posts shown at the link below on our Blog:

    After the inital articles on this matter hit the press, we received a fantastic response from the public and the posts
    concerned are a continuance / follow up to the initial case in question.

    Best wishes to all - and we'd very much appreciate any feedback on this matter that anyone might offer..




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