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Psychometry Experiences

Written by Antizan
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I have been able to "do" psychometry for a long time. How I became aware that I could do this is lost in the mists of time!! There are two stories that I think will prove that this is one weird gift to have!

Story 1

I used to work with a girl whose partners sister had died of cancer at the very early age of 36. The girl I worked with gave me her watch to see if I could pick anything up and to my surprise the girl that had passed way came through very strongly. She started off by mentioning things she had bought prior to her death, (typical woman!!) and mentioned a pair of shoes, pink with gold inside, Kurt Geiger, that she had bought for a special occasion. This was confirmed by my colleague, she had bought them for her nephews christening, she also mentioned the pubs she used to go to, friends names, and her children. She told me about the box on her mothers bedside that contained a ring of hers and told me to tell my colleague to look out for the lilies. My colleague was intrigued so went to see the girls mother and as she walked in the door she found her in the kitchen washing some plastic flowers. She asked what kind of flowers they were and the reply was "Oh they are the lilies from S****n's grave, I am just washing them as I am off there this afternoon" My colleague nearly had heart failure at this point! The ring in the box was also there, it had been bought for her eighteenth birthday by her parents.....

Story 1 part II

My sister in law asked me to give her a reading and the first thing I got through was that one of her friends was heading for a divorce, she had met someone else. I asked my sis in law if this was true and she said it was. I got an impression of twins and asked if the person she had met had twins. This again was confirmed. At this point a little voice came in my ear..." Its my husband!" It was the girl who had passed away! I knew the name of her husband so I asked if he was called ****. "Yes!! how the hell do you know that!" was the reply! I told my colleague about it and she said that she knew nothing about it. A couple of days later she got back to me to tell me it was true, he hadn't wanted to say anything to the family as it was only about a year and a half since S****n had died and thought they wouldn't approve. They are now married!

Story 2

My friend was getting married and she decided on Blackpool for the hen night. As we all gathered in the meeting place on the night time I noticed a lot of girls I didn't know in the group. We sat down a a voice came into my ear"Ask the girl behind you if she knows G***** " I did this and the girl promptly burst into tears! I was mortified and asked her who it was that wanted to speak to her so badly as they just muscled in!! "It's my Dad!" He went through a list of things that had happened since and just before his death, he seemed particularly put out that his favourite tree in the garden had been cut down! We had moved on to another pub and as we neared the door he stated that he was going to wait outside as he hated the kind of music played in the pub. As I looked up it said something like "Soul Music Bar" I asked her if he had liked soul music and she informed me that he couldn't stand it!! "He was an old Hippy!!" She told me that as he was dying there were two things that he
was unable to do and had mentioned them frequently and if I was told these things by him she would definitely know it was him. He jumped straight in and said "I used to love sitting on the loo reading the Sunday papers!!" She confirmed that this was one of them. "I was craving popcorn but was unable to swallow properly" he said. At this she started to cry again and told me that in his last months he had been unable to control his bodily functions and had a catheter and stoma bag and he was fed intravenously..............

There are many more instances of this, I could go on forever but these are the most startling!

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